We are so appreciative of the trust our clients put in our process, we honor their hard work, and are grateful for their positive feedback –

“Vickie and Bill have an incredible facility, and they are warm and welcoming people. I attended one of their monthly Meet and Greet sessions where we met the herd (three horses and a mini donkey), engaged in some grooming while enjoying their company, and then met to share our experience with the group. It was lovely. I am currently taking lessons with Kate Bennett at their barn and am absolutely loving it! If you want to spend some time around horses and get some insights into your life, visit Solid Ground!”

–Erica M.

“Everyone needs a bit of Solid Ground in their life!! So grateful for the magic and healing they have created here.”
–Kary H.
“Vickie has hosted me for ThetaHealing workshops including Animal Communication. I have found the space and her ability to work with horses, and animals in general, to be nothing short of magical! Anyone would benefit from time spent at Solid Ground Equine Assisted Life Coaching!”
–LuAnn S.
“What a serene and peaceful environment, surrounded by nature, that embraces all that is. Vickie is filled with kindness, and her love and passion for animals is so beautiful to watch and experience. I can’t wait to return!”
–Mary S.
“Visiting Solid Ground and being with Vickie and her beautiful horses and mini Donkey have been both inspiring and life changing. The peace in my heart that I have gained has given me confidence to trust my instincts and intuition. I have taken a few workshops and especially enjoyed the writing/photography class. Being with the facilitators and animals are awesome. I recommend everyone attend a class or at least a meet and free with the animals and Vickie, you will be glad you did. Thank you Solid Ground.”
“Vickie is a wonderful coach and guide who I have found to be incredibly knowledgeable, caring, and intuitive. She provides a safe, nurturing environment for her horses and clients alike and I highly recommend her Coaching/classes to anyone looking to increase their self-awareness or make positive life changes!!”
–Robyn W.
“If you have not been to Solid Ground I would recommend you visit this magical place. The horses are beautiful and Vickie is a joy to be around. She had a way of lifting your mood and your perspective to a higher and peaceful place.”

–Nancy B.

“I recently worked with Vickie at Solid Ground to present an Access Bars® workshop and loved her wonderful space, her beautiful horses and her lovely spirit. Solid Ground has a warm, welcoming feeling and is a generous host. I haven’t had the pleasure of working with her and her horses, but the work sounds fascinating and transformative.”

–Anna T.

“I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Vickie and her horses Dawson, Jack, and Franklin. These horses truly are a mirror! Vickie’s facilitation and the horses’ reflection helped me connect with myself in a powerful way and gave me new tools in my work to find creative solutions to challenges. I learned so much and I’m very happy with the progress they helped me make!”

–Mirina S.

“I took a crystal class this past weekend which was very interesting and informative taught by Renee Blazejewski. I was also shown the beautiful horses by Vickie, she graciously allowed me to pet and love her beautiful animals. I had an amazing time and I left with so much love in my heart. I am looking forward to coming again and visiting this tranquil equestrian farm!!! Thank you so much! love and light.”

–Nicole G.

“There is a natural sense of peace and serenity on the land and among the horses. You will feel it immediately and it will last. Truly a haven for those who seek to understand themselves better!”

–Ginger A.

“I am so honored by what I experienced at Solid Ground Equine Assisted Coaching. As someone who also works deeply with others during life’s transformational times, I am so inspired by the healing that Vickie facilitates through her equine assisted work, allowing clients to access their own inner vulnerability in a safe and supported way where they can realize and then truly release what is troubling them. Solid Ground approaches this in a way I had never experienced before; truly allowing space for the human to see themselves in the eyes of the horse they are working with and seeing their fears and patterns clearly reflected back to them in a palpable way they can digest and understand. Vickie herself is a wonderful, supportive guide and transformational coach whose own intuitive coaching abilities and extensive equine knowledge places her exactly where she needs to be in exactly the right moments, allowing for both intimate silence and connection between horse and human as well as hands-on guidance and support. I truly would recommend Solid Ground to anyone who desires transformation and a deeper understanding of self.”

— Pia Capaldi

“Had a session with Oscar, Holly, Java and of course, Vickie. Please try a session. I can’t stress enough how just one session changed my perspective and helped me sort out some bad stuff I had been dealing with. Well worth the time and money.”

–Jeanine T.

“As a wellness professional and equine enthusiast I was intrigued to find out how Equine Assisted learning works. I felt that my experience with Vickie and her equine family was both enlightening and meaningful. You have to experience it yourself to gain a thorough understanding of the process. I feel that this is a great option for individuals who are looking for life coaching.”

–Clare S.

“Had a wonderful visit with Vickie Gelinas of Solid Ground – Equine Assisted Life Coaching today. It was truly an insightful experience and one I would highly recommend to others.”

–Sue F.

“I highly recommend Vickie’s equine coaching program for anyone wanting to develop a deeper bond with horses and themselves. It is an excellent way to build your confidence and resolve personal challenges that are important to you.

It was my good pleasure to work with Vickie Gelinas of Solid Ground Life Coaching recently in an Integrated Energy Technique® (IET®) class. Vickie is an equine expert who specializes in equine IET, equine assisted life coaching and animal communication. Vickie’s unique practice includes doing ground work with horses. This ground work focuses on the horse mirroring the person, which promotes the process of self-healing. Through her expertise with horses, I felt that I was in safe hands and well-prepared to work and learn side by side with her horses Franklin, Jack, and Dawson.

During the class, Vickie shared her effective animal communication skills. I was blown away by the accuracy of the information she received from the animals.

During this IET class, we had the opportunity to work hands-on with Vickie’s friendly dogs and soulful, gentle horses. Her entire facility is topnotch; her classroom is homey and comfortable with a great view of her horses.”

–Linda S.

“WOW! What an amazing experience being with the horses and Vickie. Both are so gentle and subtle yet very powerful. The horses know exactly how you feel and they reflect it back to you and Vickie knows the right questions to ask to bring it all together. Through this I was able to understand what I was feeling and why and Let it go! I highly recommend Solid Ground.”

–Claire L.

“Horses communicate with their body language. Much like we humans do. Whether it be happiness or sadness, fear or trust, aggression or submission, disinterest or love. Horses sensitivity to this language makes it easy for them to communicate with us and us with them. And, when that happens, there is nothing else like it in the world. It is a gift we give to each other. You, too, can experience that gift at Solid Ground-Equine Assisted Life Coaching.”

–Rachelle K.

“Such a feeling of ‘Being at ease’ with Vickie and the horses during my visit. I had the opportunity to walk with Dawson around the stables, such a sweet horse. He was giving me snuggles after we walked placing his head onto my shoulder/chest area. Such a rewarding way for him to say ‘Thanks.’ I have very little experience with horses, however, Dawson had me in a total ease with him and myself. Loved our experience and look forward to many more!!!”

–Cindy C.

“I have visited this business a few times now, offering energy healing training for pets. The facility itself is beautiful, and perfectly maintained; comfortable for the humans who visit, as well as for their resident non-human animals. Vickie and the others who run this business clearly LOVE their animals, and you can feel the peacefulness. And Vickie herself is very easy to work with, always with a smile and compassion, and has always been very flexible to accommodate me and my students.”

–Linda A.

“What a serene and peaceful environment surrounded by nature that embraces all that is. Vickie is filled with kindness and her love and passion for animals is so beautiful to watch. I can’t wait to return to be in such a sacred place!”

–Mary S.

“The first experience I had with Vickie and her horses (Jasper, Jack, and Dawson) was eye-opening and watching how the horses responded in response to my energy was both healing and inspiring. It was inspiring because they mirrored what Vickie and I were discussing in terms of my insecurity. Insecurity of self but also my insecurity around horses as my earlier experiences were not pleasant. Vickie simply witnesses, holds sacred and compassionate space for the horses and I to interact energetically and occasionally asking prudent, thought-provoking questions for the reflection into self. Cannot wait for my next interactions at Solid Ground – Equine Assisted Life Coaching as the experiences are life-changing.”

–Graham C.

“I have always been afraid of horses, but coming to Solid Ground has changed my fears. Vickie let me stay on the other side of the fence, which allowed me to lessen my fears. As we worked through the session, I found myself feeling safe enough to step into my fear and visit the horses from the inside, not out. Vickie and her kind and friendly horses have been life changing. Thank you, Vickie, you are amazing!”

–Debi Q.

“I was intrigued about what it would be like to spend time with horses. I found it to be well worth the my time. Vickie is professional and caring. I highly recommend.”

–Norman L.

“Vickie has a very intuitive nature combined with a very grounded clear approach as she helps to analyze areas in which you are seeking guidance. Her beautiful facility and her sweet, gentle horses really enhance the professional yet comfortable setting. I highly recommend Vickie!”

–Sue C.

“The most awe-inspiring experience of my life happened today with Vickie, Graham and the horses! I can’t put to words what my heart experienced today. The closest is Unconditional Love!”

–Rene G.

“Solid Ground is truly amazing! The horses are so incredibly friendly and gentle with their human friends 🙂 Thank you, Vickie, for a wonderful experience. My family will be back!”

–Noreen L.

“Spending time with horses is an amazing experience. Whatever event in life that has brought you sadness or pain you can begin the path to healing at Solid Ground Equine Assisted Life Coaching working with Vickie and her gentle giants”

–Debra M.

“Vickie is an amazing person – so helpful and caring…. felt extremely comfortable and relaxed with her and of course her gorgeous gentle horses.”

–Tammy B.

“Vickie was destined for this — and her horses are the sweetest! It really makes you dig deep and they are just such calming spirits.”

–Patricia T.

“Solid Ground is a natural healing place for the soul. Love all that you do, Vickie!”

–Christina D.

“I have never been to a barn as clean, organized and welcoming. Vickie is a passionate and caring person. That’s why I keep coming back!”

–Ann D.

“A place for moving forward. Serenity with healing horses!”

–Julie W.

“I had an incredible experience working with Vickie and her horses. At first, I was skeptical about self-reflection through interacting with a horse, but quickly experienced how powerful it is! If you are looking for a unique way to heal from any form of trauma, then check out Solid Ground life-coaching!”

–Christopher P.

“Thank you for a beautiful, profound day at your writing and photography workshop. I believe it has and will influence me more than I know.”

–Jenna P.

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