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Vickie Gelinas Equine Assisted Life Coach

Vickie Gelinas C.P.L.C.

Owner, Certified Life Coach

Vickie has been passionate about horses her whole life. Her childhood dream of becoming a horse owner came true in her thirties and her equine family members are dear to her heart.   Vickie spent many years as a dog trainer and groomer, from which she developed the ability to understand animal behavior. Vickie’s intuitive connection with her horses inspired her to expand her knowledge of human-equine interaction and the many benefits horses offer people.  With her experience and education, Vickie successfully partners people with horses.


Certified Life Coach at the Life Coach Institute of Orange County

Certified Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

Certified Embodied Equine Psychotherapy

Certified Equine Assisted Growth and Learning

Certified The Horse an Healing Symposium

Certified National Cruelty Investigations School

Certified Moving Through Grief, Trauma and Loss

Certified Equine Myofascial Release

Certified Theta Healing Advanced DNA

Certified Theta Healing Animal Seminar

Certified Advanced Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) and Animals

Certified Reiki I and II Practitioner

Certified Animal Reiki

Completed Intensive Advanced Study Experience (EASE) at EPONA (Awakening to your life’s purpose through the way of the horse)




Bill Gelinas C.P.L.C.

Certified Life Coach

William is a devoted husband and father who shares Vickie’s passion for horses and helping others. He has been a successful business owner who demonstrates a great work ethic, leadership and motivation for his workforce and takes pride in supporting his community.

William’s gentle, sensitive nature allows him to bond easily with his horses. He combines his business and life skills with compassion and empathy to assist clients on their path to self discovery and fulfillment.

William served his country for five years in active duty and can relate well to the struggles that often face veterans on their return to civilian life.

William also has a great interest in improving opportunities for social interaction, support for seniors and individuals with disabilities.

William’s desire is to support men in expressing their feelings to benefit relationships to break down societal views that expressing feelings is considered a weakness.


Certified Life Coach at Life Coach Institute of Orange County.

Active Service Veteran

Successful business owner

Compassionate, empathetic caring individual who is passionate about helping others.

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