Meet the Herd


Dawson, A Quarter Horse, arrived at Solid Ground in March 2017.  We rescued him from a kill pen facility in New Jersey. We named him “Dawson,” which means “beloved.”  He is a natural leader, resilient and kind.  We don’t know much about his history, yet we do know how well he engages and supports healing.

He loves his dinners, grazing and is the first to ask for treats.


Jack, A Quarter Horse, arrived at Solid Ground in April 2017. We purchased him from a horse facility in Northern Maine. He initially was a bit frail and withdrawn. With a lot of love and care, he regained his vibrant spirit. Although he is the youngest, we see his strength and leadership within the herd.

He is playful, curious and loves to spend individual time with his human friends.


Franklin, A Norwegian Fjord, arrived at Solid Ground in September 2017. His breed is one of the oldest and the closest relative to the Zebra. He spent many years as a driving horse and loves walking trails. He is independent by nature, yet politely and patiently engages with our clients.

He likes to share his dinner, sunbathe and to be groomed.


Stanley, a mini donkey gelding, he joined the herd at Solid Ground in July of 2018. He is little in stature but has a huge, silly, and love-able personality.

He can often be found trying to convince the horses to play and always puts smiles on peoples faces.

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