Here are some of the questions we get asked most often about our Equine Assisted Coaching services:

What is a life coach?
A life coach is somebody who supports and guides individual development and recovery through open ended questions in a supportive environment.

Why horses?
Horses are prey animals. They actually live off energy and humans come in with energy, they are the essence of who we are. So, to work with horses is a way of reflecting self. 

What are some reasons a person seeks out a life coach?
Someone searching for more purpose in their life. Asking the question “I raised my kids, what’s my next journey “.  Grieving of a loss one.  Relationships and partners looking for stronger connection and communication. Lack of community and searching for a new.

What are some common themes found in helping others?
Self-exploration is the number one thing. Helping people discover who they are through open ended questions. We tend to lose that in the everyday busy-ness of our lives.

Do you work with one person at a time, with couples, friends, families, or groups of people? If so, are there any other themes associated with this work?
I work with individuals, families, partners, and I also like to work with groups in community. That’s really important to me. I think that we lost our sense of community. We get so busy we forget to really enjoy one another and our time with like minded people. There’s many different themes and when you look at them all it really comes down to self-love and who we are. Problems come up for us and we wonder “why is that happening?” – we’ve lost our intuition, our senses, and who we are and somehow that really is a yearning that is coming up for more people. We’re trying to find purpose and a community that we can feel more ourselves with instead of pretending we are something we are not.

What types of activities do the people and horses do together?
So many wonderful things! I like to have them engage and just be with them, groom them, lead them, and do obstacles. There are activities for groups too. These activities help people self-reflect and heal. Families have been able to look at their roles within their family. For example, if a parent is dominant the children can work with the horses first and then the parent is brought in and new awareness can happen for the parent with options for positive change. I give people choices for what they want to do as well. 

What can someone expect at a session? Is there a certain set up or do you let it flow with the person?
I let it flow and there are certain guidelines and preparation involved, but lots of times what we plan on resolving is usually totally different. That’s the beauty of it. We carry energy we think we can fix, but ultimately our subconscious wants us to really look at something else which could integrate with what somebody wanted to go through, but it’s amazing what the horses really show us.

How many sessions do I come to?
It is very beneficial for someone to come several times and we suggest six sessions. We offer packages of a set number of sessions, or people can pay as they go. We customize our coaching for each person because we want you to get what you need from working with us.

What safety considerations should a person be aware of while preparing for a session?
I keep a person safe during a session by watching the horses’ behavior. Bring and wear weather appropriate clothing. Shoes are very important – no flip flops. During a session, be aware of where the horse is at, communicate with the horse, trust the coach and her capability to create a safe space. Respect of self and others is key!

What are benefits of an equine assisted life coaching session?
Awareness! The horses show us what we’re carrying and what we bring to this world energetically. We can’t change anything without this awareness. Self-love and self-discovery: understanding who we are, where we are and why we’re doing what we’re doing in our lives. Once we have awareness we have a choice to change or to stay where we are. That’s a process that the horses give us to look at. I facilitate the process with open ended questions that guide slowly or push a little if needed and the horses are gentle. A safe, nonjudgmental environment that allows people to be vulnerable is a benefit. This way people can open up to different emotions and feel safe to explore.

What are important aspects of your work?
Enjoy the horses! Open your heart to them. They will guide you and support you to create a beautiful story that you can dig really dig deep in for your self-healing. Sessions don’t have to be intense or so direct. Being in nature, being around horses, smelling them, touching them is so important – things we don’t take time to do. Being outside with the horses is one of the most healing possibilities that we can receive!

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