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Discover Self

January 23 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Discovering Self

(This event is 4 consecutive weeks 1/23 1/30 2/6 2/13)

How good are you at letting go of your past?
How much of your identity is defined by who you have been?
If your life were to change completely today, how would that affect you?How attached are you to the life you are living?
Is your opinion of yourself, good or bad, based upon what you do?

We live in a time of great change. You as spirit decided to be born into this chaotic shift of consciousness. The key to navigating through the chaos is to let it go and be present as spirit. It has been known for quite a while and repeated often that we are a spiritual being having a physical experience. The challenge is to live it. See life through spirit’s eyes. See our life, our story as an experience to gain wisdom. The expansion of awareness/consciousness gives us the opportunity to do just this. It is the letting go of identifying with the physical which opens the door to our higher perspective. This is both scary and wonderful. Scary because we are letting go of that which (we think) serves as our foundation or survival. Wonderful because our higher being/spirit self is loving, wise and totally supportive of self, in fact it is our best friend. When we open ourselves to our higher perspective, we are also opening ourselves up to Source itself and the realization of our own Divine Self. True power is the power of beingness our infallible connection to life beyond this physical realm.
I am offering a series of 4 sessions designed to give you the space and opportunity to identify and release your personal past and to open and solidify the presence of your spirit/higher self.
These sessions will involve discussion and meditation with the vibrational singing bowls.

Facilitator, Margie Perrier’s life quest has been the bridge between the physical self and spirit self. There truly is no separation and it is through the conscious recognition of this unity that personal empowerment is attained.

Cost: 80.00
Snacks, coffee and tea available

To register for this event, please contact Solid Ground or Margie Perrier via private message

*Please drive to the end of the road to the horse barn. The building is behind the barn.


January 23
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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