Just spending time being with a horse can change a person’s life.

How Horses Support Our Ability to Heal

Horses are prey animals, and, as such, have a very keen sense of their surroundings in order to survive. Their awareness of the energy around them is so heightened that they can feel danger before they even can see, hear or smell a predator. This life-force energy, the drive to survive, allows them to have a greater connection to what we might call intuition or sixth sense. The ability for certain prey animals, like horses, to be so energetically connected to their world that they feel the energy around them – whether it is danger, fear, sadness or joy – makes them perfect assistants during the life coaching process. We find that when people are working with horses during the life coaching process, discussing emotions and talking through their life experiences, that it has a unique way of bringing up issues long buried.

The No-Judgement Environment You have been Looking For!

We have heard over and over from our clients that just being with the horses helps them address issues in their lives. Horses have huge hearts, much larger than ours, and so have that much more love to share. They offer no judgement, no criticism, no pressure. They only want to bring you into the herd where there is protection in numbers. This has a profound ability to allow us to drop our guard and our inhibitions so we can truly share our story. Horses allow us to relax and speak our truths.

We specialize in working with people who are dealing with:

  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Grief & Loss
  • Trauma
  • Brain injuries

Women’s Programs:

We also have coaching programs for women, many at midlife, searching for what is next for them, a greater life purpose, and exploring new paths in life.

Trust the Process

Some of what we do boils down to ‘trust in the process’ – human-horse connection has a profound effect on people struggling with emotional, spiritual and psychological challenges. As many of our clients have said, “You simply need to experience it to understand.”

Working with Horses

We prioritize every experience for the safety and well-being of our clients.

No horse experience needed.

Appropriate footwear is required while working with the horses.

The work is all “groundwork.” You will not be riding the horses.

We are here to assist you in your personal development and journey.

“When people are working with the horses, their full attention is on the here and now. They are able to become totally present because they have to be focused on the horse. Sharing this closeness with the horse, sharing energy so to speak, is the great power of Equine Assisted Coaching. People are able to get in touch with what they are struggling with, what is holding them back, in a way like no other form of healing.”

–Vickie Gelinas

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