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Equine Assisted Life Coaching Works – Come Heal with Us

Partnering people with horses has proven to be a powerful, evidence-based approach to life coaching. The human-horse connection has a wide range of benefits including healing from trauma, managing anxiety and depression, building self-assurance, and working through beliefs that are blocking us from living a fulfilled, happy life.

Through equine activities individuals gain confidence, build trust, and form healthy boundaries –  first with the horse and then with themselves. Working with a horse through grooming and leading brings individuals fully into the present moment. Only when we are fully present we can reflect and grow. Ultimately, the skills that are learned in working with a horse are transferable to relationships, family and friends.

Benefits of Equine Assisted Life Coaching:

Confidence Building

Developing a More Meaningful Life

Stronger Interpersonal Relationships

Personal Development

Finding a Sense of Community

“I have experienced Solid Ground for myself and know of many others who have spent time working with Vickie and her wonderful horses. It is a safe and open environment where you have the freedom to be yourself, and you are thoughtfully guided to your own discoveries and awareness. This process can change your whole world and how you live in it.”

~ Chris Lombard, author of ‘Land of the Horses’

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